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We’re Adopting! #teamdouglasadopts

We are so excited to be sharing the news that we are adopting! As we’ve been sharing this news with family and friends, there are a handful of questions that we normally get, so we’re sharing some of those here, along with our answers.

Q: What is the timeframe?
A: The average timeline for similar adoption situations is 8–14 months. We are personally praying to be parents in 2018… we’ll see what God has planned for us! We could technically get matched with a child once our home study is completed, which could be in the next couple months sometime.

Q: Where are you at in the process?
A: We started the process at the beginning of the year and sent in our home study paperwork (background check, physical exam, fingerprints, family history, parenting attitudes, etc.) in mid-January. We’re currently waiting to hear back with next steps (a social worker visiting our home). Once the home study is complete, we are technically able to be matched with a child. We are also creating our profile (to be shown to expectant mamas), looking into grants, and planning out fundraising.

Q: What kind of adoption is it?
A: We are pursuing infant domestic transracial adoption. This means that we’re planning to adopt a newborn from the United states who is a different race than us.

Q: What does “transracial” mean?
A: A Transracial adoption is simply an adoption where the child and adoptive parents are of different racial or ethnic groups.

Q: Boy or Girl? What ethnicity?
A: We’re open to a boy or girl, and any ethnicity other than ‘caucasian,’ but do have a slight preference. You can ask us what that is if you want. 🙂 Again, we’ll see what God has in store!

Q: Who are you working with for your adoption?
A: We’re working with a consultant from Christian Adoption Consultants.

Q: How much will your adoption cost?
A: Adoptions similar to ours range anywhere from $30k–$50k. There are SO many variables and each adoption is different, so until we are matched with a child we won’t know how much ours will cost. But we’re saving, applying for grants, and planning some fun ways for family & friends to get involved!

Q: Have you seen the baby you’re going to adopt yet?
A: Nope! Since we’re adopting a newborn, we won’t see them until they’re born and either when we get to the hospital or receive photos of them, depending on how the timeline works out.

Q: Did you struggle with infertility?
A: Not officially. We decided to grow our family about a year ago, and after months of trying to get pregnant, an autoimmune disease diagnosis, and some other odd health issues, we decided to start the adoption process and see where things went. We’re still hopeful to have biological children, but are excited to be starting our family through adoption!

Q: Are you still planning to try to get pregnant?
A: We aren’t currently preventing pregnancy, so we could end up getting pregnant! This could mean either a) two babies! or b) putting our adoption on hold for up to 18 months. We both felt strongly that God was leading us to pursue adoption at this time, so we’re taking these steps in faith and will cross the pregnancy bridge if/when it gets here.

Q: How can I help support you in your adoption?
A: First and foremost—just be excited with us! Treat us how you would treat other expectant parents. Pray for us, ask us how we’re doing, and celebrate a new life coming into our family! If you’d like to help us out with the financial side of adoption, we’ll have multiple ways for people to come alongside us and be our “village” in bringing our baby home. The first is through an event we’re hosting in mid-March called “Team Douglas Soup-Off: An Adoption Fundraiser.” There will be a competition for best soup, as well as baked goods and some sweet t-shirts for sale, a raffle, and more. Everyone’s invited!

THANK YOU for sharing in our excitement in welcoming a new little one into our family. We have loved the past 3+ years together just enjoying being married, but we cannot wait for this next adventure together! We are so looking forward to being parents! More soon.

Love, Team Douglas

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