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Our Plans for When Baby Gets Here Creating Strong Attachment in Adoption

In just a few weeks we’ll be headed down to Arizona to wait for baby to be born! Lord willing, everything will go as planned and we’ll be headed back home with our baby sometime in September or October. There’s always the small chance that mama will decide to parent, or the even smaller chance that something else won’t go as planned… but here’s what we’re hoping to do once baby gets here.

We plan to implement cocooning in our adoption.

What is cocooning?

Cocooning is an adoption practice in which the parents are the child’s main caretakers for a short period of time after the adoption takes place. This means that the parents are the ones who hold, change, feed, soothe, bathe, etc. the child. For a time, the parents are the sole need-meeters, thus strengthening the bond with their child.

Why is cocooning important?

Cocooning is important because every child who is adopted (yes, even infants) experience some level of trauma. They have been removed from what they know and need to attach and connect to their new family. By being the ones that meet their needs, parents can create a stronger attachment with their child that will lead to healthier bonding and relating down the road. You can read more about why cocooning is important in the articles below.

How long do you plan to cocoon?

We plan to cocoon for at least the first month of baby’s life, up to the first few months. We are going to be looking for signs of attachment and bonding, as well as listening to our “gut” and trusting God to give us wisdom on this! We’re also open to the flexibility that life with a newborn brings, and know that if all our cocooning intentions don’t go to plan, that’s totally okay and God can still work to bond our baby to us. We want to be open-handed with these plans.

What can I do?

Thanks for asking! We would still love meals and any other practical help you want to offer, just know that if it’s in the first month or so, you may not get to hold baby. We will let you know when you can! We know how much you all are longing to meet, hold, and cuddle our child, so we will definitely give you the green light when it’s a go. 🙂 We will start with family, and then move out from there. Thanks so much for understanding.

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Love, Team Douglas

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