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Happy New Year from Team Douglas!

Oof! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted… I guess four months goes by fast with a newborn! And I might be 10 days late on the New Year wishes, but I still wanted to share an update here.

Since I last wrote, we experienced the birth of our first child, Remi Lynn, who was born in Arizona on September 17, 2018. We have an open adoption, which has been pretty incredible so far. Just a couple weeks before her birth, we found out we are pregnant and due May 6! Baby #2 is a girl as well, and we’re thrilled (after the shock wore off!) to have sisters that will be only eight months apart.

We’re (well, mostly Brian) building a basement guest room to replace our current one that will turn into the second nursery. We’ve got a few other home updates as well that we’d like to complete before the next little girl makes her appearance.

We’ve loved the past four months with Remi, and we are grateful everyday that she’s a part of our family. We’re so lucky to get to be her parents! I hope to write more about the adoption process, her birth, and what open adoption has been like, but I’m still processing much of it and want to make sure I do it all justice.

We did some planning, vision-casting, and goal-setting this last week and it was so good to get on the same page regarding hopes for our family. We’re planning on slowing things down (which we’ve definitely already experienced with one newborn!), creating and recording ALL the memories, spending more intentional time together, in the Word, and away from screens, and more. It’s going to be a good year!

For those of you who are still waiting expectantly for a child… whether through adoption or pregnancy, we see you! It’s such a difficult wait, and we don’t begin to understand God’s timing, but we do know it is good. There are parts of our story that we are amazed when we look back and see God’s hand where, at the time, it just felt hard.

God has revealed His faithfulness to us time and time again, and we’re incredibly grateful for all the ways we’ve seen Him work this past year. We know He has plans for our family and life, and we’re excited to see where He takes us in 2019!

Love, Team Douglas (party of 4!)

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