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Books I Read This Summer (June, July, & August) My Thoughts, Ratings & Recommendations

My reading goals definitely took a hit this summer. Whether it was prepping for baby, a busier schedule, or more time spent outside, I just didn’t have my nose in a book as often. BUT, I did still read four books that I can share with you, all of which I’d recommend (spoiler alert!).

To be honest, two of them I didn’t actually read, but rather listened to. I recently downloaded an app called Libby that allows you to borrow audio books from the Hennepin county library. So awesome! I have a giant ‘holds’ list, and get so excited when one becomes availble!

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

This novel is one that I listened to, and it was an excellent listen. The voicers (is that what they’re called?) did an incredible job and made it better than even reading it would have been. The Kitchen House tells a tale of an Irish orphan who gets adopted into a slave family on a plantation in America. It’s filled with suspense, tragedy, hope, and might make you cry more than once (if you’re a book crier like me!).

Rating & Recommendation: 9/10. This was a great story, and even more so if you’re interested in this topic/era. I’d also recommend listening to it, as that made it even better!

Parenting by Paul David Tripp

I honestly don’t know how I would have gone into parenthood without reading this book. I mean, yes, it probably would’ve been fine, but this book changed my view on so. many. things. It’s encouraging, convicting, and equipping… my favorite combo in a Christian book. Tripp lays out 14 broad gospel principles for parenting then goes into detail of what each looks like, what it doesn’t look like, and grace for when we mess up.

Rating & Recommendation: 10/10. Whether you’re about to be a parent, have been a parent for 20 years, or even if you’re a spiritual parent, this book is incredible. I read it with my 60-some-year-old mentor, and we both learned a ton.

Dear Birthmother by Kathleen Silber and Phyllis Speedlin

This is an excellent book about open adoption. The authors make a case for open adoption, and include dozens of letters between birth mothers, adoptive parents, and children. It’s a beautiful book, filled with numerous case studies and even some research, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering adoption. I finished reading it the day before we met our expectant mama and it really helped me to embrace our relationship and get even more excited for open adoption.

Rating & Recommendation: 10/10 recommend for people who are interested in adoption.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

This was another book I listened to and was a total guilty pleasure type of read/listen. It’s a futuristic dystopian novel in which aliens are taking over the world and the main characters are teens. So yeah. Guilty pleasure. But it was pretty entertaining! I would often listen while I was driving and I’d have to be careful not to get too absorbed in the story so as to be safe on the road. My complaints would be that it had a bit more language than I like (but ya know, aliens taking over the world) and that it’s a bit teen-y in the romance department. Otherwise, if you’re looking for an easy and entertaining read (and are into dystopian novels), this one is pretty good!

Rating & Recommendation: 7/10. Definitely entertaining, but also not the most intelligent of reads. 😉

I’ve been reading snippets of parenting books… feeding, sleep, vaccines, etc. so nothing too exciting on that front. I have a feeling my goal of reading 24 books in 2018 might not be met… but I guess it all depends on what life with baby is like! What have you been reading lately?

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