We’re so glad you found this little slice of the internet where we get to share our thoughts and lives! We’re Brian and Heather and together we make up Team Douglas.

We got married on a chilly day in September of 2014. Best. Day. Ever. Marriage is the biggest blessing and also a lot of work at times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our daughter, Remi, was born on September 17, 2018, and she has been the greatest gift ever. We adopted her from birth, and you can read all about that here.

We live in the Twin Cities in our 1960’s rambler that we bought in September 2016 (good things happen in September!). We are enjoying making this house our home and we’re most likely working on a house project at any point in time.

We are Jesus followers. We seek for Him to be first in our lives. He’s where we draw our identity, strength, hope and joy from. He helps us love each other and others far better than we could ever love on our own.

Although we love to travel, we are also major homebodies. Since we got married in 2014, we’ve had the gift of getting to travel to some amazing places like Chicago, Seattle, NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Arizona, Thailand, Cambodia, Italy, and many little weekend trips around Minnesota.

Heather has a home styling business and adores interior design and styling. Give her a good design book or HGTV show and she’ll be content for hours. She’s known for deciding she wants to rearrange a room at 10pm. Oops! Sorry, Brian!

Brian is an engineer and is very into football, hunting, and the occasional afternoon gaming with a bud. Heather likes to say that he can befriend anyone since his interests vary so much.

We are passionate about marriages thriving, community being built, and sharing our home with others. Thanks for joining us as we share this one beautiful life we’ve been given!