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10 Little Splurges & Habits That Make My Everyday a Bit Better

I thought it would be fun to share some little splurges, guilty pleasures, and habits that don’t take too much, but give a lot to my everyday life. These are things that I have found myself enjoying, sharing with friends, and implementing in my life more and more over the past few years (or months). So in no particular order, here they are!

  1. Fancy, delicious-smelling hand soap
    I spend a lot of time washing my hands (especially with diaper changes and frequent trips to the bathroom… hello newborn and pregnancy life!). So why not make it as enjoyable as possible? My favorite for the past couple years has been Mrs. Meyer’s (basil or lavender and ALWAYS pine during the holidays), but I just recently started branching out. It’s fun to smell different scents at the store and then enjoy a new one for a few weeks at home!
  2. Kerrygold butter
    Last year when I went through all my dietary changes, I came across Kerrygold butter as being a bit better for dairy sensitivities. Now that I’m not staying away from dairy as much, I’m still obsessed with this butter! It’s definitely more expensive, but so much more flavorful!
  3. Candles
    I love having a candle burning while I’m home, especially in the winter. Candles are one of the splurges that I’ll use my pocket money on every month or two, and I never regret it!
  4. Konmari folding
    After watching the new Netflix series with Marie Kondo, I’ve gotten into the Konmari folding method, and I have to say I really love it! Not only does it save tons of drawer space, it’s also pretty fun and makes everything look so neat and tidy.
  5. Adding chocolate chips to smoothies
    My brother-in-law introduced me to this idea at Christmas and there’s no going back now! Chocolate chips in smoothies add the perfect crunch, and who doesn’t love an excuse to get more chocolate in their diet?!
  6. Listening to podcasts during monotonous tasks
    AKA driving across town, doing dishes, folding laundry, etc. Learning, being inspired, or laughing along with my favorite podcasts makes the most boring parts of life so much better!
  7. Colorful pens and markers
    It makes me happy when I pull out my Bible Study in the morning to sift through my bag of colorful pens and markers to underline and take notes. Could I just do it with a simple black pen? Sure! But if colorful ones bring me joy, why not? (I love these and these!)
  8. No overhead lights in the evening
    Say it with me—AMBIANCE. It’s your friend, especially in MN winters. So in the evenings, I try to do as many lamps and candles as possible and keep the overhead lighting to a minimum. I’ve specifically started doing this during our bedtime routine time in our bedroom to help my brain start to prepare for sleeping.
  9. Body scrub & butter
    This one has been a total pregnancy splurge! There’s something so luxurious feeling about scrubbing my belly with delicious body sugar scrub in the shower and then massaging some thick butter on afterwards. Top with a fluffy robe and we’re feeling straight up spa-like in here!
  10. Reading in bed at night
    Another nighttime habit I’ve been cultivating is reading in bed before bedtime. Even if it’s just a couple pages, I feel like reading in bed is a helpful way to unwind and get away from my phone right before bed. I don’t do it every night, but on the nights that I do, it always feels so cozy!

So tell me! What are some of your favorite splurges or habits that make your daily life better? What have you been enjoying lately? I’m 100% a recommendations gal, so comment below and let me know! Who knows… maybe it will become my 11th on this list!

Love, Team Douglas

8 thoughts on “10 Little Splurges & Habits That Make My Everyday a Bit Better

  1. Good ones! You have some fancy schmancy indulgences. I’m with you on the colored markers …my prayer journal is so beautiful when I pick up my six-pack of fine/wide tip markers instead of a plain ol’ ball-point pen. And I’d like to remind you that before Marie Kondo had her show, I sent you that picture of perfectly rolled onesies in the drawer! 😉

    As I read through yours, I thought about how economically careful I am, and how I am also in a slower stage of life with being a new empty nester — so my TIME indulgences are kind of new and guilty and … indulgent. Reading for two hours in the afternoon. Driving by Ross and spontaneously turning in to park and browse the store. Making coffee dates with special friends almost weekly. I’m enjoying it.

    1. Haha yes… Marie Kondo isn’t TOTALLY original. 🙂 And those time indulgences sound wonderful! Ahhh the days of random shopping… how I miss thee! Brian says that our budget is better off now that I’m more “stuck” at home though! 😉

  2. I share your love of soap, candles and markers. My guilty pleasure this winter is lounging around in my pajamas waaaay too long in the mornings. I even slip under my electric throw and put my feet up some cold winter mornings before I finally get ready for my day!!

  3. Those are all excellent splurges! I love fancy soaps and natural products myself! I also have fun colorful pens and stickers I love to use in my Bible journal. I also love the KM folding method. I’ve been practicing her folding method for years but, now that I have a tall and narrow dresser it makes fitting my clothes inside so much easier. I also love listening to Podcasts and audiobooks while cleaning. The other week I splurged and bought a book light so I can read before bed without getting up to turn the lights off.

    1. Wow that’s awesome that we have so many splurges in common! What are some of your favorite podcasts? And love that idea of a book light. It’s those seemingly “little” things that really make a big difference!

  4. Hmmmm… I think my splurges are:

    1. Upgraded coffee that costs a bit more but tastes better (and is still waaaaay cheaper than having a coffee shop make my daily cup… Plus I get to drink it 10 minutes after waking!).

    2. A few ounces of kombucha several afternoons a week… My soda substitute with health benefits.

    3. A lavendar scented Epsom-salt bubble bath 5 nights out of 7.

    The funny thing is… These have become my “normal.” I need to recognize them as special blessings and enjoyments… Truly a pampered splurge.

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